Electronics and biometric sensors that you wear like a temporary tattoo Engineers John Rogers and Todd Coleman say that their epidermal electronic system (EES) — a skin-mountable, electronic circuit that stretches, flexes, and twists with the motion of your body — represents a huge step towards eroding the distinction between hard, chip-based machines and soft, biological humans.

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All Things Digital Article: MIT Emotion-Sensing Start-Up Affectiva Backed by Kleiner Perkins and Horizon Ventures by Liz Gannes

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In addition to this video, here is a link to April 9, 2012 Press Release: Time Inc. Study Reveals That "Digital Natives" Switch Between Devices and Platforms Every Two Minutes - http://www.timeinc.com/pressroom/detail.php?id=releases/time_inc_study_digital_natives.php

ndtv : Truth vs Hype: Who is afraid of Unique ID?

NY Times Article:To Track Militants, U.S. Has System That Never Forgets a Face

Xconomy Article: From MIT’s Media Lab to Time Warner’s: Innerscope’s Biometric Tech

UAE holds world’s largest biometric database. Emirates ID has 103 million digital fingerprints and 15 million facial recognition records By Binsal Abdul Kader

The Mobile Wallet Report: PayPal takes its digital wallet overseas, biometrics gain ground and marketers flock to Apple Passbook

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