Glastonbury Tor, Somerset Levels - © David Noton

Glastonbury Tor, Somerset Levels - © David Noton - Beautiful shot of Glastonbury, it's not all about the festival! Well worth visiting the Tor for amazing views over the Somerset levels!

Tor  Moon

Tor Moon one of the most impressive and spiritual spots in the world. And it's a full moon tonight

Glastonbury Tor - Somerset, England with the 14th century St Michael's Church

Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, England - I pushed Mum up there many years ago. Didn't have to use the prop that Queen Victoria had applied to her derrier by a flunky, but something similar !

Berrow Mump | Somerset

Burrow Mump is a hill and historic site overlooking Southlake Moor in the village of Burrowbridge within the English county of Somerset. It is a scheduled monument, with the ruined church on top of the hill a Grade II listed building.

Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, England

st michael's tower atop glastonbury tor, rising from the mist above the village, somerset, england

Amazing murmuration!

Murmuration - the magical swoop and swish of flocks of birds, as if they were fish darting thru flowing water - it's one of my favourite Nature's Miracles.

Full Moon over Glastonbury Tor

24 hours in pictures

Glastonbury Tor, England Revellers stand beside St Michael’s Tower watching the moon as it passes at it`s closest point to the Earth for almost two decades

Somerset Levels

Somerset Levels and Glastonbury Tor, you can see the Tor from Ashton Cottages.