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Basic Addition PowerPoint, with a vehicle theme, that uses motion paths, triggers and action buttons. Can be used in a number of ways, with young children or those with special educational needs, and full instructions are included. Offers plenty of opportunity for discussion and mathematical vocabulary. Could be used as a whole class, small group or 1:1 activity.

Apps for Primary Schools: Educational apps recommended by teachers - Early Years/Foundation Stage (",)

A set of simple images that can be imported into any tablet. iPad, mobile device, touch screen device or IWB and used to help develop fine motor skills. Simple lower case letter formation (letters a-i) for tracing over with finger or pointer - just import into the app or program of your choice to use. Some available apps can also add a sensory element to the activity

Number Bonds to Ten - Rhymes for IWB: Interactive resource which consists of rhymes that help pupils remember their number bonds to ten. Each rhyme is accompanied by a supporting image that incorporates the numbers used in the rhyme. Each slide also includes the written calculations (e.g. 10+0=10 and 0+10=10 etc.).

Interactive number formation activities that are suitable for whole class or small group teaching. Click the magic pencil and watch how the number should be formed. Plenty of opportunity for modelling and discussion. Children could have dry wipe boards and pens to attempt numbers during the activity. A counting element is included to extend the activity