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Still life with tulips, 1925 - Samuel John Peploe The subject matter is a bowl of fruit and base of flowers, the bowl is in front of the vase with the flowers spilling out Peploe has used ain't and paint brush to create a jolly mood with all the colours


Samuel Peploe Still Life about 1913: In this painting, Peploe has used relatively large objects in the background contrasting with the smaller objects towards the front of the painting. The colours are mostly all cold colours-whites, light blues and yellows are all used. The white colour is used throughout the painting to reflect the overall light look of the painting. Peploe has used large shapes on his painting to make it stand out more.


Samuel Peploe - still life with tulips The subject matter is some tulips in the middle in a vase, with the tulips dropping over the side The mood is slightly gloom as it is fairly dark colour Materials used was paint and paint brush


peploe tulips The subject matter is some tulips in a vase The painting has only got the tulips in it with a coloured background It was painted with paint and paint brushes to give a cold mood with the way the tulips look.


Still Life with Tulips and Oranges - Samuel John Peploe The main subject of the painting is a messy table with vases of flowers, a bowl of oranges and a table cloth. Peploe has used paint and paint brush to Create a happy mood as the colours are jolly and playful

Still Life with Roses and Mirror by Samuel John Peploe The subject Matter is the vase of roses in the middle of the painting it was made with paint and paint brushes to create a loving mood with the colour of the roses