'Haircut By Erin Case Medium: Digital Assemblage / Collage Date: 2012 (with Andrew Tamlyn) This has given my the idea of incporating openings in the landscape as well as experimenting with photoshop

This image is part of a collection of works called "Lesbian Bunnies" It's a series about a lonely bunny woman, stuck in a world where homosexuality is uncommon (bunny land). She remains single, searching for love, and finds interesting ways to spend her evenings at home. This is awesome. I need to get Joe one of these pieces- he'd love it!

Chelsea Fisher - Lesbian Bunnies: the photo documentary of a lonely bunny woman

Adam Photography. S)

☾ Midnight Dreams ☽ dreamy & dramatic black and white photography - Adam Photography.

photography, double exposure landscape, face, portrait Landscapes Double Exposure Series-9

Landscapes Double Exposure Series

photography, double exposure landscape, face, portrait Landscapes Double Exposure I like how you can see her face.

Most people look at this and think, "Wow! It is so neat how someone can make such beautiful art!" While I look at this and think, "This must be the eyeball of a Time Lord..."

Funny pictures about Clock contact lenses. Oh, and cool pics about Clock contact lenses. Also, Clock contact lenses.


this is TOTALLY cool! I love the one that says "behind" really creative, and then the goats the one with the sunglasses and tongue sticking out. haha Art that is overlapping real life

Resting the camera on the dashboard of the car to keep it relatively stable would be a good approach. Then it's just the car's movement and the cars outside that will create the blur and not camera shake. This will have to be experimental as far as shutter speeds and exposure are concerned. Obviously night time would work best if I am going to record light streaks. The camera pointing at back seat and kids with blur outside?

Fuente: Fulston Manor A-Level Photography

Source: unidos-pela-felicidade -

Blood moon/lunar eclipse and moon phases.

this image to me mesans the loss of time... it show the world breaking around down and the clock being destroyed it is really effactive and the use of photoshop is really good cause it makes it look like its real

Time-Destroying Digital Art

Tick tock goes the clock And what now shall we play ? Tick tock goes the clock Now summer’s gone away ? Tick tock goes the clock And what then shall we see ? Tick tock until the day That thou shalt marry me

Natural act. A collection of creative photo collages in which Turkey-based photographer Merve Özaslan merged multiple images into intriguing narratives.

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+ Poor girls in dirty clothes, Kentucky 1964 ~ William Gedney

Paul Butler - (Removing Subject matter from photograph ... Maybe fill it with something..... REAL PLANTS!)

▣ paul butler’s captivating paper cutouts.

Fong Qi Wei shoots a stationary subject for multiple-hour periods and later digitally slices them to create a collage

What We Love This Week, Volume XXV

Fong Qi Wei: “Time Is a Dimension” are photographic collages that mark the passage of time (PHOTOS).

This shows the principle contrast. Half of her face is white while the other half is black. Having the two opposite colors next to each other shows juxtaposition.

Silhouette by Alexander Khokhlov Artist and photographer Alexander Khokhlov took this brilliant photo entitled “Silhouette”, as a part of the project “Weird Beauty”. Model is Alexandra Romanova and make-up artist is Valeriya Kutsan.

agemaps by bobby neal adams-Photography Project

agemaps by bobby neal adams-photoshop project

Flower dress dance photos by Tatiana Mikhina #ballet #photography

Funny pictures about Three beautiful forced perspective photos. Oh, and cool pics about Three beautiful forced perspective photos. Also, Three beautiful forced perspective photos.

From this photo you can see that Francesco Sambo has used the idea of anthropomorphism to show the unleashing of the animal within.

Hybrid Creatures by Italy based artist Francesco Sambo. (via Design You Trust)