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The current hairstyle trend doing the rounds in B-town is the pretty bun. Several Bollywood actresses were seen sporting elegant updos at their recent public appearances. Be it on a traditional dress or red carpet gown, tied up hair seems to be the way to go. Check out the Bollywood beauties who are rocking the newest B-town trend. Image courtesy: BCCL Don't Miss: Bollywood Celebrities Who Look Beautiful in Curls!


Celeb Trend: Bollywood Beauties Rock the Elegant Bun

We'd never have expected this, but Kareena Kapoor believes that less is more when it comes to festive fashion and beauty. The gorgeous actress says, "The more simple the look, the more beautiful it is." In a candid tête-à-tête with iDiva, Bebo tells us how to look resplendent this Diwali.

Hair and Make Up Tips for the Festive Season a la Kareena

Is going the old-fashioned way still good enough for you? Sitting through long awkward meetings with pretty much your whole family, a bunch of complete strangers and a matchmaker who won’t get her expectant eyes off you - is that how you’re hoping to find true love? Well, matchmakers are a big waste of time, energy and not to forget, money. Here's why you should forget about these matchmakers and go online to find love.

5 Reasons Matchmakers are Horribly Outdated

We all have that one image of our dream home. Huge sprawling gardens, gigantic rooms, walk-in closets and what not! While looking for a home, we do try to incorporate as many of our home fantasies as we can and while not all of them come true, it’s a good feeling to know that our dreams can almost come true. Our mental checklist while looking out for a dream home is pretty much in place but here are a list of things that you must specifically watch out for while house hunting to ensure that…

3 Secrets to Ensure Your New House Really is Your Dream Home

Celebrities have a reputation for doing everything in style. And they take this repute a tad too seriously even when they are naming their tiny tots. Bollywood celebrities have taken the cool quotient a notch higher with unique baby names that have become trendsetters. With more and more people choosing to take the road less travelled, we bring a list of unique celebrity baby names and their meanings just in case you want to take a cue from the stars. Don't Miss: 10 Fab Baby Name Apps for…

20 Bollywood Celeb Baby Names & Their Meanings

Baby girls are a blessing in disguise and these celebrities will agree. This year has seen many celebs go from being single to committed and then transform into doting parents. While all parents are ecstatic with the birth of their little ones, there are many who are celebrating the fact that they've been blessed with baby girls. Moreover, the most awaited baby of the year, that of Kunis and Kurcher, is a wonderful little girl! Take a look at celebrities who are rejoicing the birth of their…

10 Celeb Parents Who are Celebrating Baby Girls this Year

First dates are stressful enough. With the pressure of making a good impression, saying the right things and dealing with awkward silences, your stress levels are already on the rise. Avoid a wardrobe breakdown with our easy breezy list of what not to wear on a first date, ever! Take notes and rock that first date like a boss.Image Courtesy: ©Thinkstock photos/ Getty images/ Shutterstock Don't Miss! 20 Style Tips That Could Help You Drop Two Kilos Instantly

10 Things to Not Wear on a First Date

Bigg Boss 8 has started with a bang and everyone is talking about the show. Love is already blossoming in the house and groups are being formed. But like every season, Bigg Boss 8 is bound to have twists and turns, which brings us to the wild card entries. Sonali Raut who was evicted in the first elimination has come back into the house to avenge her eviction. Here are some of the scandalous celebrities we think will make great wild card entries in the Bigg Boss 8 house.Image courtesy: ...


Bigg Boss 8: Wild Card Entries in the House

A friend of mine recently found herself in a strange dilemma. Coming from a conservative family, she is on the wrong side of thirty and single. She wants to marry someone in her own community so she can stay in her comfort zone. Family and friends were called in to look for ‘a suitable boy’ and her uncle finally struck gold.

Are You Guilty of Telling Little White Lies?

With the monsoon still going strong, one longs for the warm delicious smell of fresh bread baking in the oven. Teamed with a hearty soup or eaten all by itself, warm breads make for a great simple snack or meal that is light on the tummy. This easy recipe bursts with flavours thanks to the fresh dill that is so readily available everywhere and sundried tomatoes that add their own tangy zing. Make sure you keep the bread in a nice warm place to prove (rise) so that you have a good, light ...

Recipe: Sundried Tomato and Dill Bread