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Applesoft BASIC on the Apple IIC, my first serious computer and first serious foray into programming after a stint of turtle racing.


After years of trying to surf the web and read RSS etc on Palms, Treos, and all of it mediocre. Finally a computer-grade phone that delivers real apps.


In 2000, I heard about some Korean MP3 hard drive player, but could never get hold of it. Then, iPod came out and suddenly it's all possible! Got an iRiver until the iPod was big enough to be useful at 20GB!

Powerbook. After 6 years of struggling with laptop Linux, finally a UNIX powered laptop that Just Works. I've since had the fortune to work for two companies enlightened enough to provide me with an MBP for development.

Device of my dreams! One of the most important moments in technology, and a pinnacle for Apple - a computer that works with us, that every human can actually use, and people can share. In typical Apple fashion, this was not the first of its kind, but it was the first of its kind to actually work. In addition, a giant app ecosystem and finally a battery that lasts.