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Mahesh Haridevan
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Original Bell Rocketbelt

DJ Drew Groove currently resides in Portland, OR. He is a Pop Culture Fanatic, Non Stop Record Collector & DJ.

Alexandre Goupil’s Sesquiplane  "Alexandre Goupil was a well regarded and well known French engineer who designed this bird-like flying machine in 1883. The sesquiplane (a monoplane with additional half-wings) was meant to be powered by a steam engine mounted inside the rounded body of the machine. The engine was to drive a single tractor propeller and it was to have a wheeled landing gear. A rudder was to be mounted below the tail surface."

Goupil proposes a steam-powered monoplane (shaped like a duck),with tractor propeller. His full-size test rig lifts itself and two men in a light breeze, but the design is never built

Hearing Aid

Pre-radar Listener for Enemy Aircraft Before radar, troops used acoustic mirrors and listening devices like these to focus and detect the sound of engines from approaching aircraft.from vintage everyday: 10 Jobs That No Longer Exist Today