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some shelves with clouds on them in a room that is painted blue and white striped walls
Estates y/o esquineros
many cds are being hung on the wall with butterflies flying around them in this room
three boxes stacked on top of each other in front of a blue wall and wooden floor
Habiciones bebes Silvia
the bathroom is decorated in pastel colors and has teddy bears on the shelves above the bathtub
The UGH House: Froggyboggler's Bath
a bathroom with pink walls and black and white checkered floor
House Tour: Jennifer’s Cool and Kitschy Austin Home!
a room with pink walls and shelves filled with items like ice cream, cookies, candy bars and more
🐰fluffybunny🐰 on Twitter
a pink room with lots of stuff in it
three different colored chairs with wheels and hearts on the back, one for children's desk
JUDY ♥ WUDY: Photo
the stairs are painted in different colors and shapes, with stars on each one side
a store front with an open window on the side of the street in front of it
Slow shopping in Barcelona: Gràcia district