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For June my 30 day challenge was to record a second of video every day. I was inspired by Cesar Kuriyama's wonderful TED talk about how he records a second of video every day. There's a coupl... | VL Digital News and Reviews ~ Automotive Digital Marketing

PENGENALAN KEWANGAN ISLAM DI MALAYSIA INDUSTRI PERBANKAN ISLAM Perbankan Islam merujuk kepada sistem perbankan yang berlandaskan undang-undang Islam atau juga dikenali sebagai undang-undang Syariah. Prinsip-prinsip asas yang menguasai perbankan Islam...

Another exquisite summer morning with the mountains. Hummingbirds whistle and zip in feeding frenzy. The rufuses have come back. Quiet peace fills my soul with freedom in a mad world. It’s the way I appreciate this day that nourishes or ... Read More »