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five owls are sitting on the branches of a tree at night time, looking around
October 2014 – The Cove Rattler
an old tree with no leaves on it next to water and clouds in the sky
The Art Of Sophie Prestigiacomo
a black and white photo of a church surrounded by trees in the snow, with an overcast sky
a woman is sitting in a tree with her legs crossed and looking off to the side
a pile of branches in the middle of a forest
woodland dwellings by ellie davies
three trees in the dark with no leaves
Artist Has Spent 7 Years Turning UK Forests Into Works Of Art
a painting with an animal and stars on the bottom half of it, in a frame
Akira Nagasawa aka 長沢明 aka ながさわあきら (Japanese, b. 1967, Niigata Prefecture, Japan) – Holding Birds, 2013 Plywood, Japanese Paper, Mineral Pigments, Straw Ashes, Gold Leaf
an abstract painting with people walking up a hill in the distance, and one person standing on top of a hill
a painting of a white bird flying in the night sky
to Camelot
two people holding up paper birds in front of a light that is shining on the wall
shadow puppetry | Tumblr