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three pieces of wood sitting on top of each other
Anwei - 7 Seater Solid Wood Sofa
Anwei - 7 Seater Solid Wood Sofa in a 3 + 1 + 1 combination. Ideal for living rooms, offices, waiting areas. The solid wood construction ensure a robust and strong furniture option that will last you ages. Come see it at our uByld Experience center in Ban
three wooden boxes stacked on top of each other with one drawer open and the bottom closed
uByld Vegas
How to build a corner table with pine wood, uByld Vegas corner table made with pallet wood, corner table with upcycled pine wood, how to make a corner table, do it yourself corner table kit, DIY furniture india, DIY India, do it yourself kits, housewarmin
a wooden table with four chairs and a bench
Famiglia -6 seater dining
Famiglia - 6 seater dining set with bench made of 100% solid upcycled pine wood
a wooden bench sitting on top of a white background
uByld Cru - Vintage 3 seater sofa
uByld Cru is an ornate vintage style 3 seater sofa that is reminiscent of an estate bungalow. Place this sofa made with 100% upcycled wood in your hall way and see it bring in a age old warmth to your home
an alarm clock sitting on top of a small wooden table next to a white wall
uByld Woods - Side Table
Woods is made with 100% upcycled pine wood. Compact, functional and beautiful - perfect for your bedroom
a wooden table and chairs sitting next to each other on top of a white background
Bohemia living room collection
A bohemian collection of pallet like furniture for the living room for the beatnik and the people who choose the road that is less travelled
a square wooden table with wheels on the bottom and one section open to reveal an object
uByld Pride Crate Center table
uByld Pride Crate Center table is a clever, extremely sturdy and contemporary table that is made of four crates - interlocked together to make for an absolutely unique design. uByld Pride made of upcycled handpicked solid pinewood - screams an earthy soph
a small table and two chairs are shown
Vida High Dining Table with 2 Chairs
Vida High Dining Table with 2 Chairs made with 100% upcycled pine. Beautiful furniture made with upcycled wood
a wooden shelf with several compartments on the top and bottom, against a white background
Harvest - Farmstyle Crate Shelf
uByld Harvest - Is a farmhouse style crate shelf that looks rustic and elegant. The design, inspired by farm style open source designs on the internet, is made to look like a a lot of farm produce crates are stacked on top of each other to make up a larg
a wooden shelf with three shelves on each side and two levels to the bottom,
uByld Angolo - Corner Shelf
Angolo is 'a corner' in Italian. With uByld Anogolo, turn an unassuming corner of your home into a magical nook. Made of 100% upcycled wood, Angolo’s tripod like legs and curved shelves nestles perfectly into corners, taking up the least amount of space p
a small wooden table sitting on top of a white floor next to a sign that says,
uByld Bodhi Corner Table
uByld Bodhi - uByld Bodhi is an elegant corner table made from premium upcycled pine wood. With its square top and crossed legs Bodhi is an absolutely unique corner table for your home. With the uByld DIY furniture kit - uByld Bodhi in just 30 fun filled
a wooden shoe rack with several pairs of shoes on top of it and two pillows
uByld Sol - Entryway Bench
uByld Sol - Sol named after the sun god, is an entryway bench made with solid upcycled pine wood. The design emphasizes both on usability and storage. Sol is design to be used as a seat while you - wear your daily shoes or catch a quick read of the newspa
a wooden shelf with three shelves on each side and two steps down to the bottom
uByld Brooklyn - DIY Multipurpose rustic shelf
uByld Brooklyn – Brooklyn - named after the famous Brooklyn bridge in New York city is a multi-purpose ladder inspired shelf for your storage needs. With its clean straight lined design philosophy, Brooklyn, will look crisp in a corner of your living roo
a wooden framed mirror on a white background
uByld Alice
Alice - rustic wall mounted mirror is made with 100% upcycled pine. Beautiful frame made with upcycled wood and has a mirror