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Which Bag are You? In touch with your Ethnic side- like this colourful Batwa from Malaga's Rangoli Collection

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Which Bag are You? Classically Elegant- like Malaga's Invintage collection of bags that invoke themes of royalty, luxury and heritage

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Which Bag Are you? Sophistication with a Twist - our paneled leather and beadwork KwaZulu bags evokes all the adventure and leisure of a South African Resort

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Which Bag are You? All about the Glam- Malaga's Uber cool El Dorado collection, featuring metal and semi precious stone, is just the thing to have all eyes on you!

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Which Bag are You? Bling Bling- when your style is shimmer and sparkle, our crystal bags will help you add flair to your outfit

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Which Bag are You? Playing with Nostalgia- these cute leather on leather applique clutches and messengers from Malaga's Toon collection let you reach for teh child in you

Which Bag are You? Corporate Queen- Rule the workplace with a Blurb collection bag that has functionality and style

Which Bag are You? Sporty and Spicy- a cute unisex gym tote that makes working out worthwhile

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Which Bag are You? Fun and Bold- a siren red messenger bag with floral embroidery from Pimento's Cornucopia collection?