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two texts are shown in the dark with one texting and the other saying, why?
"I just Call to say .... i love you "
a cup of tea next to a cell phone on a brown carpeted tablecloth
an empty room with some lights on the ceiling
a woman with long black hair is posing for the camera
صوتك يسفر قلبي 💙 َ
an image of a skeleton giving a speech at a podium with the caption in arabic
an iphone screen with the text twitterr for iphone written in arabic and english on it
an arabic text on a black background with white writing in the center and bottom corner
the heart is in arabic and it appears to be dark
a white car parked in a parking garage
Fake Girls, Fake Pictures, Aesthetic Girl, Beautiful Girl Face, Cute Couple Selfies
a woman sitting on the floor taking a selfie in front of her cell phone
a woman taking a selfie in a mirror wearing a skirt and white sweater with purple accents