HJ-Story :: I wish... to see you!

I wish to see you! This is dedicated to those with long distance relationships as well! For I'm considering slowly introducing new HJ-Story categories I Wish. and If Only.

Love is... Hj story

Love is... Hj story <3

Katie loves you Ryan this. THIIIISSSSS MUCH (oh damn I wish I had stretch arm strong arms but it wouldn't work unless it could stretch around the universe infinity times) XD .

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HJ-Story is full of charm.

This man has spent 5 years doodling the things he loves about his wife.

HJ-Story :: Love is. Can't wait to see you - image 1


This image has special meaning to me on many different level. In our lives there'll be bound to be dark, rainy, days. In those gloomy days, remember that there's still love and that life is colorful. This piece though simple is soulful!


hjstory: “Before we were married, I use to kiss my wife good night by sending her a drawing to her phone :) Sweet Dreams everyone! For more bedtime kisses, check it out here:.

I want to look after you and protect you.

HJ Story - Love & Time = Ultimate cure for all pain!

Ser tu alarma ⏰

Check out the comic HJ-Story :: Love is. Best Alarm Love is. pinning this

Siempre amor... oraremos y te esperaremos anciosos a que llegues a casa....sobre todo yo.. hermoso... el dia se me ira en suspiros....  te amo mi  amor.

HJ-Story :: Home Safe - image giorni migliori arriveranno