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the text reads, we are best friends funeral we are gathered here today because somebody cares at coffin couldn't stay alive & had to be first
49 Friendship Memes To Share With Your BFFs
First of all how dare you. #friendship-day #friendship #friend-memes #friendship-quotes #funny-memes Follow us on Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/yourtango
What is a Veteran Decal What Is A Veteran, Blank Check, Military Quotes, Army Strong, Army Mom, Support Our Troops, Us Marines, Military Spouse, Military Veterans
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What is a Veteran Decal
two german shepherd dogs sitting in the grass
Jethro loves everybody. But I have no doubt that, if anybody tried to hurt me, he'd tear them to pieces.
a black and white photo with the words i saw a guy at starbucks today no phone, no tablet, no laptop he just sat there drinking coffee like a psychpath
The nerve of some people......
a bottle of fluckthisht sitting on top of a table
*Laffing*...What will they think up next!