Ford Cortina Mk4 - it seemed so new at the time!

Blue Ford Cortina mark 4 with vinyl roof, looks like a GL model

Opel Kadett Sedan (1989 – 1991).

Opel Kadett Sedan – Owned a silver ' Expression' edition .

Opel Kadett City - 1975

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GM says you don't own your car, you just license it

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Opel Kadett D

Opel Kadett D

Self-parking Volvo ploughs into journalists after owner neglects to pay for extra feature that stops cars crashing into people - News - Gadgets and Tech - The Independent

You have to pay extra if you don't want your self-driving Volvo to plough into pedestrians

A video showing a car attempting to park but actually plowing into journalists might have resulted from the Volvo’s owner not paying an extra fee to have the car avoid pedestrians.


This is an amazingly beautiful beast! Lada Raven concept by Dmitry Lazarev

Electric cars cause more pollution than petrol/diesel powered cars.

Not possible just a few years ago. Electric cars, recharging by the side of the street.