New Forest Pony

Collection by Mangalarga


country of origin - England | average height 122-147 cm | colours - bay/brown, chestnut, dilutes (cream) | uses - general riding, sport pony, driving

New Forest Pony - stallion Sabina's Gold Sovereign
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Sabina's Gold Sovereign NFS 37/041

Beaulieu, Hampshire, Iso-Britannia 26.8.2006

New Forest Pony - gelding Arnold Providence
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Arnold Providence P93-1150

Vermo 2.8.2003

New Forest Pony - mare Wellhouse Florence

Wellhouse Florence NFM 50/007

Brockenhurst 25.8.2012

New Forest Pony - mare Fairytale Felicia

Fairytale Felicia P93-1103

Kestilä 5.8.2008

New Forest Pony - stallion Roinelan Romeo

Roinelan Romeo 246001H00092025

Hattula 24.8.2012

New Forest Pony - mare Wayland Olallieberry

Wayland Olallieberry NFM 50/619

Brockenhurst 25.8.2012

New Forest Pony - mare Picket Post Pleasure
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Picket Post Pleasure NFM 52/014

Brockenhurst 25.8.2012

New Forest Pony
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New Forest Pony