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great visual, especially for students that have a harder times transitioning!
Our Class Rules poster that any Kindergarten student, pre-K student, Transitional Kindergarten student can all read! {FREEBIE}
Some of these are really cute | 29 Awesome Classroom Doors For Back-To-School
my rainbow fish bulletin board for March (book month) (i put the kids names from my class in the bubbles) (mine)
The Listening Song for kids. Joe from parks are rec, aka Keegan Michael Key, sang this song!
Beautiful and easy to do..
Welcome Acronym Bulletin Board
I should do this at home!!!!!  I think I will!!!!  I will use mini plates! Classroom /Home Management -ideas
I saw this idea here on Pinterest made on chart paper...so I made my own "Poster"...I LOVE IT!
This would make a great procedure (Harry Wong). Count to five or hold up one finger at a time when the class needs to refocus. Discuss what occurs for each number at the beginning of the school year and eventually the reaction will be automatic.