Jai Maa Sarasvati

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Goddess Saraswathi standing upon her vehicle, a beautiful swan, holding a veena with her right hand held open in the abhaya mudra.

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'Saraswati, goddess of learning.'Relief of Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning, at a small temple near Lele, south of Patan. All those who worship her are believed to receive wisdom and learning. As goddess of music and poetry she is revered alike by Hindus and Buddhist. She is holding and playing Bina with her two hands and in her other left hand she holds a copy of the vedas. Her mount is a peacock. Yellow and red powder has been smeared on the sculpture during puja offerings. Photo Paul…

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Panel made of painted mango tree wood depicting a radiant Goddess Saraswathi dancing and playing her veena

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Goddess Saraswathi black metal copper plated statue idol stand & wall hanging

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