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How to make paper fan garland. Super cute and easy to make!

Paper Fan Garland Tutorial

I wanted to add some color to my bedroom this summer, so I made this Summer Fan Garland. These paper fans are one of my very favorite crafts.

Easy Giant Paper Flower Tutorial                         Lately my home studio has been overflowing with new flower designs.    I think my ...

Easy Giant Paper Flower Tutorial Lately my home studio has been overflowing with new flower designs.

Christmas Bingo – A different and innovative bingo game specially designed for christmas. Guests will be surprised and have lots of fun to play this unique bingo game on christmas eve.

Things RequiredTake print outs of above image as per the number of participants. Write down 16 numbers in each ticket numbers in each section i.e stars,bells, balls and gifts) Tambola

Kitty Party Themes : Christmas Theme Kitty Party Games and Activities For Indian Ladies

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Tambola Games :Christmas Tambola Games

Christmas Tambola Games

Check out my list of special theme tambola games and double the quotient of fun in your kitty party. Check Christmas Tambola Games for Christmas theme kitty party.