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A vibrant orange pure Handloom Mangalgiri fabric in a deep green and red combination. It is endorsed with hand painted warli folk art for the pretty look. The sleeve pattern is shown on right.


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As to my point of view, India's biggest gift to the world is a variety in musical, cultural world. This is known as Warli painting which has been originated in India itself. A place in Thane district (Maharashtra). A tribe called Warli has invented it. India has greatly influenced the world in these feilds and hope that it willcontinue to do so. I, in my picture have tried to do warli figures in Google position (G.O.O.G.L.E) - letters.


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WARLI wall piece: Warli art comprises of three shapes -a triangle,a circle & straight lines. It is done using a bamboo stick & rice flour paste on a cow-dung plastered wall that is dark olive green / red using 'geru'-a red dye. .:

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Mansi Gandhi