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This could be the backdrop for the "photo booth" picture frame! pvc and string lights and sheer fabric- wedding ceremony backdrop. or behind the bridal party reception table.

Ganpati Decoration Makhar

Ganpati Decoration Ideas

A dollar store Diwali decoration... Under $5 and under 10 mins.

The essence of Diwali lies in its decoration. So express your creativity this Diwali by taking cues from our Diwali decoration ideas.

Ganpati Decoration

Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Get eco-friendly Ganpati decoration ideas for home Ganpati. Discover DIY Ganpati decoration crafts ideas and simple Ganpati makhar and idol decoration ideas

Get innovative, creative and fresh Ganpati decoration ideas and tips in here. Take a look at these cool ideas and learn how to do Ganpati decoration at home