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Chocolate marshmallow teacakes

Try Paul Hollywood's step-by-step recipe for chocolate marshmallow teacakes


BBC - Food - Recipes : Chocolate marshmallow teacakes

from BBC Food

Fraisier cake

Mary Berry’s fraisier cake may be tricky to achieve but it’s certain to impress


BBC - Food - Recipes : Fraisier cake

from BBC Food

Classic crème caramel

Classic crème caramel - I find that the British creme caramel recipe is more delicious because it has less eggs, but that's me. Some may like the American recipe which is more eggy.

BBC - Food - Recipes : Classic crème caramel

from BBC Food

Chocolate roulade

Mary Berry's gorgeous chocolate roulade is made without flour so it's light as a feather

BBC - Food - Recipes : Chocolate roulade

from BBC Food


Mary Berry’s Sachertorte apparently improves if left a day or two before cutting – but who could manage that?

BBC - Food - Recipes : Sachertorte