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52 Of The Funniest Quotes Ever

The TakeDown line of personal defense sprays maintains the 40 year tradition of…

It prob would've made my life easier at times but I will not kiss ass. Even as a child, I couldn't stand ass kissers. Grow a spine, people!

Some people need to realize that Facebook is a social network, not a diary. Funny Sarcastic Come Back Quotes For Your Facebook Friends And Enemies smartphone youtube stupid message status instagram facebook twitter pinterest

Not a fucking diary.

Facebook is like having nosey neighbours ... people who don't really like you just stay connected to look over your wall to see what your doing.

I feel sorry for people like this.I pity them. Get a life!

Why I hate facebook. This is so true. All the "look at me!" "listen to me!" Fucking drama out of nothing attention seeking bullshit

very few genuine people

Ouch More

you were born on Mistake Island

Hahahaha Being popular on FACEBOOK is like sitting at the cool table in a cafeteria at a MENTAL HOSPITAL

Being popular on FB is like sitting at the cool table in a cafeteria at a mental hospital.