The world of precious stones

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Полихромный турмалин. Polychrome tourmaline.
Полихромный турмалин. Polychrome tourmaline.
a rock with some sort of crystal on it
Дымчатый кварц. Smoky quartz.
Minerals, Crystals, Pakistani, Aquamarines, Aquamarine
Пакистанские аквамарины. Pakistani aquamarines.
a gold and brown diamond on a black background
Пирит. Pyrite
a pink and black rock sitting on top of a table
Родохрозит и оксиды марганца. Rhodochrosite and manganese oxides.
a piece of chocolate cake with yellow flowers on it's side, sitting on a reflective surface
Леграндит. Legrandite
a piece of art that looks like some kind of rock
Самородная медь. Native copper.
a pile of rocks sitting next to each other on top of a black surface with light coming through it
Арагонит . Aragonite
some blue and white rocks on a black background
Шаттукит и духамелит в кварце. Shattuckite and duhamelite in quartz.
Аквамарин. Aquamarine
Аквамарин. Aquamarine
some white crystals are on top of a rock
Кальцит с арагонитом. Calcite with aragonite.
a red and white object sitting on top of a black table next to a dark background
Реальгар на кальците. Realgar on calcite.
an orange and black object on a black background
Брукит. Brookite
some kind of rock that looks like it is made out of quartz and other rocks
Селенит. Selenite