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William Kentridge: Thinking Aloud, Limited Edition (with 3 Prints) -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY William Kentridge (born 28 April is a South African artist best known for his prints, drawings, and animated films.

For Margaret, 2013, by William Kentridge

William Kentridge, For Margaret, Indian ink on Universal Technological Dictionary (or Familiar Explanation of the terms) used in all Arts and Sciences, George Crabb, 186 x 16 cm

William Kentridge's new opera "Lulu"debuts at the Dutch National Opera

One of the many William Kentridge's drawings for the set design of the opera Lulu from composer Alban Berg.

Drawing for The Refusal of Time, William Kkentridge

Sharpeville massacre essays about education The Sharpeville massacre of This essay will detail the massacre, the Immorality Act and the Population Registration Act of 1950 and the Bantu Education.

William Kentridge: How we make sense of the world - YouTube

"There is a desperation in all certainty. The category of political uncertainty, philosophical uncertainty, uncertainty of images is much closer to how the world is," says South African artist William Kentridge in this video presenting his work.

William Kentridge

A Universal Archive: William Kentridge as Printmaker – review

William Kentridge as printmaker - Ubu Tells the Truth, Image Courtesy David Krut Fine Art, New York and London. © the artist and David Krut Fine Art, New York and Johannesburg

Felix in Exile - William Kentridge

Work by south african artist William Kentrigde from Kentrigde uses charcoal and pastels for his drawings in which he erases and redraws parts to create.