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Variations on Normal By Dominic Wilcox -


Variations on Normal By Dominic Wilcox

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Вариации на тему нормальности | Салон

Luxury skimming stone with belt pouch, Dominic Wilcox, 2009, 24 carat gold leaf, leather, pebble. Courtesy of Dominic Wilcox

What is Luxury? - About the Exhibition

Coffin + Workdesk - Ideal for those who work hard all their lives and then die

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Ivy Shelf, Dominic Wilcox, 2002 Clear plastic, ivy plant A transparent plastic shelf with space for an ivy plant to grow. 'Illustrations of flowers, leaves and vines have for many years been used as decoration on everyday objects. This Ivy Shelf takes that idea back to its source. A real ivy plant grows inside a transparent shelf. The ivy takes on the role of decoration while happily living inside the 'green house' shelf.'

Ivy Shelf | Dominic Wilcox

Variations on normal by Dominic Wilcox

Dominic Wilcox's "car of the future" is driverless and made of stained glass Stained-glass driverless car Sleeper by Dominic Wilcox

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