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Exploration of geometrics, repeating patterns and flourescents with wood and paper. So pretty!

ART 1 - Exploration of geometrics, repeating patterns and flourescents with wood and paper. So pretty!

Jordan Clark

Jordan Clark's collages are image deconstructions that recreate the picture as if looking at it through a prism creating geometric juxtapositions

This is an abstract looking piece of the mountains. The picture is made out of little triangles of different colors that when put together look really cool. I love the illusion of the mountains falling and crumbling which looks really cool. The darker blue background helps certain parts pop out and be more noticeable.

Summit Art Print by David Schwen

miles.mind .......   "de-fragment = to organize, to eliminate fragmentation"

something about the way her hair flipped in the wind and her spirit shone in the dark


i Like this design as it is triangles layers and placed on top of each other with different colours to give an effect of fire.

fragmented/ syniadau unigryw a gwahanol i greu hunan bortread

This photo is very similar to Gordon Magnin in the style of which it has been digitally manipulated. It shows complete disorder through having several eyes, noses and eyebrows.

Misshapen / ashleyjosephedwards

Super good collages to discover over at Ashley Joseph Edwards on-line portfolio! Go get inspired here

Kristina Krogh for ferm LIVING

Kristina Krogh is a Danish graphic designer and artist based in Copenhagen - educated as a graphic designer from the Graphic Arts Ins.

ALLISON DIAZ, STEP 3 OF 5: this is very "eyes without a face" for me. scary.

Bumbumbum art, design and on Designspiration

More ideas
Graphic Design / this reminds me of a high fashion design, I'm drawn to these colors.

The triangles in front of the color photo causes the photo to be emphasized due to the shape and pattern.


Inspiring Artwork Combining Geometry & Photography

Triangle face

photo by hedi slimane, edit by shane small. Photography tonality really caught my eye, my interest goes further with the integration of geometric shapes and elements.

Triangle Deer

Beautiful design made with triangles. The choice of colors is what makes this amazing triangle pixel art so striking!


I really like this design. It uses the simple ocean design then adds to it. The scene is flipped within a bubble and added to the original photo without adding clutter. Do with mountain or red rock and sky?


Self portrait ideas Mapping 2013 on Behance Use a process like this for "identity/self-concept" activity about skin color/shade/tone/palette. Put vertical photo strip of every child together on a couple images to make a collective face.

I wish I made this...

Inspiring Artwork Combining Geometry & Photography: Puur by Jelle Martens


Fave Five by Tymber Dalton (Feb geometric shape - triangle

Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe

Collage // portrait / fragmentation grade Students can cut up self-portrait photograph after they finish their drawings and have an accompanying piece. Collage with text?

vjeranski:  Brno Del Zou

Brno Del Zou Take multiple photos, cut them into different sized fragments and reassemble them in odd places that still work.