Number Sense...good for visual learners

Number Sense Craftivity

Number Sense Craftivity - Students trace their hands, cut out & glue down onto paper, except for the fingers! Kids will love this because they will be using their paper fingers to count.

Numbers and Counting Activity

Numbers & Counting Activity

Numbers and Counting Activity - this great numeracy activity is make from everyday recycled household items.

good for teaching counting

Counting Numbers Matching Game Using Plastic Easter Eggs. *When making this activity, make sure to not let the eggs match up in colors! Separate all the eggs first, put them back together with a non-matching color and then write on the eggs.

Subtraction Bowling- great for visual and kinesthetic learners, and to get the kids out of their seats and actually practicing/applying their knowledge

Subtraction bowling…fun & Instructional Practices in Education and Training The student assesses teaching and learning. The student is expected to: (A) describe the role of assessment as part of the learning process;

Cantidad con gomets, botones......

Number Play