Chris Ferrante - Design student Chris Ferrante was given the unusual task of creating packaging for intangible things. After careful consideration, Chris Ferrante s.

trippy perspective

A feeling of sinking is something artist Ivan Puig explored in his installation Hasta las Narices and revisited in the installation Crecimientos Artificiales. In Hasta las Narices a white Volkswag…


AAVA Identity Minimalistic branding differentiates the Finnish IT company from its competitors. The letters of the logo – A A V A – are stylishly used in the graphics of Aava’s new look.

Layout > see others for progression of color

Layout > see others for progression of color

great variation in white and cool shape

Templates Nude Skincare Package Design Examples Pictures Nude Skincare Designed by Pearlfisher


A Graphic Odyssey, poster submitted by Build and designed by Michael C. Place of Build –Type OnlyUnit Editions