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So These Are The World's Highest-Paid YouTube Stars

Zoella was my very first watch of all things fashion and make up. She made me want to discover make up with how pretty her makeup was and how stylish she is, and for that I thank her for making videos :')

I love her hair an bangs/fringe thing! I might want to get my hair cut like that…

Tyler Oakley, Zoella, Connor Franta, Troye Sivan

Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta, Zoe Sugg, and Troye Sivan. I love how even though there are a lot of people Troye still has his arm on tyler

zoe is the cutest

Tennyson has always been really outgoing, but people have been bullying her about her weight, even though she was a fairly normal size. She's stopped eating lunch now. Is your character in on the bullying or are they a friend?

alfie, jim + zoe ready for Tanya Burr's lips and nails launch party.this photo is class Xxx

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