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How tо Bend Wood

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How tо Bend Wood

How tо Make а Wooden Walking Stick

Walking Stick

Staghorn Sumac stick. I met this little old lady who had a beautiful walking stick. She had carved the stick from what she called poison sumac. I researched some and found out the wood is called staghorn sumac. I was hooked, this is my first "stick". It's coated with "table top" epoxy (RAKA epoxy).

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Large Christ wood carved sculpture in progress - wood carving studio in San Antonio de Ibarra, Ecuador

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How to Carve Using a Picture study of Carving a Native American Indian Standard Leaf Layout Learners start by learning essential slicing tactics, developin

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Wood Carvings and Walking Sticks for sale

All carvings are currently for sale, if it is marked as sold, you may request one just like it.. I can do that, same price. If you see any...

Unique Carving A Wood Spirit In A Walking Stick Collection - Project

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Irish Rose Wandern Stick mit keltischen Borte GT-Originale. | Etsy

Dieser Wanderstock Sport eine keltische Borte, handgeschnitzt in Relief auf der Hauptteil der Spazierstock mit Irish Rose Design an der Spitze und einem Lederarmband. Paracord Griff (Bitte Farbe angeben) kann gegen Aufpreis bestellt werden. Jeder Stick ist auf Bestellung, so dass wir ein Produkt mit

Bottle Stoppers, Egg Heads Etc.

Bottle Stoppers, Egg Heads Etc.

Life is Beautiful~La Vie est Belle

Life is Beautiful~La Vie est Belle

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SHEPHERD AN T-EILEAN - hand carved juniper wood, walking staff, strong, one of a kind, wood spirit, wise, fun, detailed

SHEPHERD AN T-EILEAN - is the Celtic Shepard of the Forest. To own the Shepard you must have the belief that all creatures of the forest are sacred and need protecting. Shepherd stands 56" high and is made with Oregon's majestic Juniper wood. The carving process took 3 months and was tedious. Sanded to perfection and stained with 3 different colors to bring out the high lights of this piece, plus 3 good coats of urethane. This allows the piece to travel. Shepherd is light weight but…

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Buri First Viking God Wooden Linden Statue. Buri Protection Scandinavian Viking Talisman. Handmade W

Size: height - 19 - 20 сmLinden handmade carved statueOnly a single copy! Buri is the first god in Norse mythology. He is the father of Borr and grandfather of Odin, Vili and Ve. He was formed by the cow Auðumbla licking the salty ice of Ginnungagap during the time of Ymir. She licked the ice-blocks, which were salty; and the first day that she licked the blocks, there came forth from the blocks in the evening a man's hair; the second day, a man's head; the third day the whole man was there…

select a wonderful detailed wood carving from colorado

select a wonderful detailed original cotton wood bark woodcarving.