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Child and Educational Development

Read some experiences and guides for kids and parenting development. May the experience of others can solve your problem or confusion. Come visit us and read the latest articles.
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Abacus is one the best tool to make students fall in love with mathematics and make them very efficient in it. See more details:

Little Arjun was crying his heart out from his bed - "Amma , come here amma, amma" . Anjali was in the kitchen packing Arjun's snacks box. Arjun was 2 and a half years old.

You should have met me 10 years back. My life was well straightened out, like a catalogue, coordinated and tabulated. Then I had the opportunity of becoming a mother for the first time, and an excuse for being the forgetful, perturbed person.

Many times you just stuck in considering about ideal age for having a baby so just stop thinking and watch this informative video.

We talked to 3 moms who are the same age, but had children at different phases of their lives in this Video Episode of MOMSPRESSO, ‘Ideal age to have a baby?’

Parenting a child who always argues, is often moody, and stays irritated most of the times becomes difficult for parents. In such cases, parents should help the child overcome these issues and be less irritated. It is not as easy as said in words; let’s find how to do it.

As any new parent will tell you, there's almost nothing more unnerving than a crying baby. Worse still -- an infant who won't stop crying no matter what you do. If your baby fits this bill, it could signify that dreaded C-word: COLIC.

Being a mom is an amazing thing. Truly, it is! But sometimes, despite all of the love, motherhood is a lonely gig. Especially if you are a New Mom who stays at home! you should have a look at this advice.

How to Make Your Kids Birthday a Special Affair