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“Bees are vital to our ecosystem. must take decisive action to save our nation’s bees from extinction.

Save the trees- We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. Romans 8: 22. We're all suffering; humans, animals, trees, waters, air. Save us all, God!

trees help to slow climate change, also improve air quality in urban areas - don't cut down trees for new homes, more agricultural land to feed for meat, or for palm oil plantations . the daily choices/what you buy affects what happens regarding trees

Introduction video made by a Fan of Tulsi Gabbard (Part

Gabbard Takes House Floor to Recognize Invasive Species.: Gabbard Takes House Floor to Recognize Invasive Species…

Tulsi Gabbard loves to take challenges, she is always at the forefront to fight for people.

Here's a video to help parents know how to teach their child to write the letter p using both the printed and joined-up (cursive) writing styles.

Compassion, kindness , love, peace

Yoga guides you towards knowing your true self.You become aware of cellular changes. 'Feeling' from your heart will become natural, leading to compassion for yourself and others.Let peace begin with you.

Cost of War

Watch Powerful Sanders Ad: Veteran and Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard—'Bernie Sanders Understands the Cost of War'

Deliberate Women: There's more required of us than just living life and watching it pass by. We're required to take deliberate actions and ofetn those are actions outside our comfort zone.

Big changes to two key Social Security claiming strategies could hit millions of married couples and divorcees hard.

We all know how bad China’s air pollution is, however it has been discovered that man-made pollution in eastern China’s cities worsens when less dust blows in from the Gobi Desert. That’s right… when there is less natural dust blowing…