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mushrooms and plants with the words get in losers
Moss and mushrooms
a woman wrapped up in a blanket with the caption saying, who needs a weighted blanket when i've got the crushing weight of every single make i've ever made to think about at night
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a tweet that reads, you watch any dateline and you learn real quick there's nothing more dangerous than lighting up a room it's on every episode
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Wait Wut @aly__dixon
an orange and black quote on paper with the words homeschool because i have seen the village and i don't want it raising my kids
Homeschool Quotes: 50+ Funny and Encouraging Quotes about Homeschool
a tweet that reads homeschooling is tough for example, today i had to tell my son he didn't make our baseball team
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I dance bc I love food
a tweet that reads, mary h choi can someone fix bacon packaging this has gone on long enough
Top 35 Funny Twitter Quotes Of The Day
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a man holding a sign that says not homeless wife in target 24 hours please help