Frosted glass - La Maison de Verre  1929  by Pierre Chareau.

Designed by Pierre Chareau and Bernard Bijvoet, the Maison de Verre translated as “House of Glass,” is a milestone in early modern architectural design. In which I'm profoundly in love.

Paul-Amaury Michel, La maison de verre à Uccle, directement inspirée de deux réalisations parisiennes : une maison de Le Corbusier et la maison de verre de Pierre Chareau, 1935. © Archives d’Architecture Moderne, Bruxelles

1935 Paul-Amaury Michel, The glass house in Uccle, inspired directly by two houses in Paris a house designed by Le Corbusier and the glass house of Pierre Chareau, Archives d'Architecture Moderne, Brussels

pierre chareau

By HoNeLe La Maison du Verre Pierre Chareau pierre chareau

Pierre Chareau

Pierre Chareau/ Pierre Chareau August 1883 – 24 August was a French architect and designer.Chareau is credited for building the first house in France made of steel and glass, the Maison de Verre.

Pierre Chareau & Bernard Bijvoet - Maison De Verre (1932)

“ Details of Pierre Chareau & Bernard Bijvoet’s “Maison de Verre”, Unable to expel an elderly woman on the top floor, the house was engraved underneath an existing apartment.