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Symtom, diagnostik och förlopp vid ADHD hos flickor och kvinnor
Få en bra start på höstterminen 2019 genom kollegialt lärande – Specialpedagog på gymnasiet
Elever har rätt till delaktighet och inflytande i sin utbildning och arbetsmiljö, och ska kunna hålla möten och organisera sig. Det bidrar både till skolans utvecklingsarbete och ökar lusten att lära hos eleverna. Här får du stöd i att utveckla ett aktivt elevinflytande tillsammans med eleverna.


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Schlichte Weihnachtsdeko selbstgemachtmit BügelperlenSchritt-für-Schritt Bastelanleitung für eine Schneeflocken Girlande aus Bügelperlen.

Vinterverstad 2023

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The Art Curator for Kids - Why I Hate the Elements and Principles But Teach Them Anyway

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Green has always been a troublesome color for beginners. Why that is the case, I'm not sure. It may have something to do with a lack of understanding of how to mix color. Or maybe it has something to do with how we actually perceive green.


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Art Therapy Sourcebook (Sourcebooks): Malchiodi, Cathy: 8601404593352: Books
Kanal - medier, samhälle och kommunikation - Gustav Fridolin, Daniel Hemberg - Häftad (9789152303528) | Bokus


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To acknowledge the amount of stress each person is under, try the What's On Your Plate? activity. This is a great activity to use with any age! The purpose is for participants to honor all of the tasks they have on their mind. Whats On Your Plate? gives participants a chance to get all of those thoughts swimming around in their brains out on paper. This activity acknowledges how many responsibilities everyone has & allows them to set those thoughts aside and be fully present. #icebreaker #stress

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Välkommen - Filmriket

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Clay Stamp Honeycomb Bee Pottery Press Mold Relief Mold or Sprig ...
Gips och lera = katastrof! | Keramik iFokus


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Virtual Games for Zoom Calls and Google... by Roots and Wings | Teachers Pay Teachers
6 immersive art exhibits to explore online


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Art with Ms. Lloyd: 7th grade 2-D: Printmaking!!! For this project, I took a picture of the students and used to posterize the photos into 3 colors (black, grey and white). Students shaded on the back and transferred all of their white areas ont


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bildanalys - Bild med Erica


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I've compiled a list of Youtube channels you can use to teach your kids art. You don't need to be an artist to teach your homeschoolers art. Do art and crafts at home with your kids by following along with these videos. #homeschoolart

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How to tell if a crochet pattern uses UK or US terms - Crafting Fingers
Heartcoaster | Atty's love for crochet | Flickr
Ravelry: Beaded Crochet Wine Glass Charms pattern by Kara Gunza


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lera | Staples®
Miretter slingor | Staples®
lera | Staples®


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Free Animation Lessons (& Math Lessons through Animation!) for 5th-12th


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How To Handle Six Disrespectful Students In One Class - Smart Classroom Management
Pink eye
Occupied (watercolor on paper, 30x22) by Jason Rowles. Click the image to read more about Jason, who's featured in Watercolor Artist magazine. ~ch #art #grafitti

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4th Grade Art Lessons – Art with Mrs Filmore

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Learn here how to make a dove of peace like this. Do yourself using a square paper size you want. Help with the release of this video, just click the LIKE an...
Sticklets - encourages children to assemble anything from small fantasy structures to full-sized play spaces out of natural materials in their environments.
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Space astronautas crater


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