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Make a Cave for the dramatic play area when teaching about animals that hibernate in winter!!! Love it!

Make up some chocolate cookie mixture and let the children roll it out and cut out their own teddy bear paw cookies. Very simple and make great treats for any teddy bear picnic party.

Sensory Steps. Just glue plastic, wash clothes, make-up sponges, fur fabric, squishy wash netting, etc to cardboard. When it dries, cut around edges. Glue shelf liner on the other side. And you are done. Enjoy hours of activities!

Bear hunt tough spot idea! The children loved playing and rebelling the story, also a lovely sensory activity. I used grass, a bowl of water, some mud, twigs, hamster bedding and glitter (!!) and made a cave using a loo roll and newspaper. The writing was just chalk straight onto the tray :)