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Memorial for #Meg  #megsmiles  "So, I stood there this morning, with a lump in my throat, snapping pictures of one of the most powerful images I’ve ever photographed. As I did, a man stopped his car and got out and stood with me. He asked me if I knew her. I said no. We stood in silence together. After a minute, I asked him if he knew her.....he said, “Yes. She was my wife.” "

freshcleanfit: “ sweat-and-scars: “ Memorial for runner Meg Menzies, who was tragically killed on January 2014 by a drunk driver while on her morning run. (Photo taken by Loren Rosado and posted.

The Goblet Squat

Here is a video describing the goblet squat; a classic S&C exercise. Use this to train proper tracking of the knees "outwardly" while squatting (i.: so that they don't cave in while performing the lift). "Motor programming" is the focus here.