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a woman standing next to a t - shirt that says, me with a time machine you are my favorite dinosaur thank you
i love spinosaurus
a close up of a dinosaur with a sign in the background that says, christians against dinosaurs
Allosaurus had never seen such bullshit!
Allosaurus had never seen such bullshit!
a boy in a cowboy hat with the words it's just me and my comic large slender against the world
it looks like a megaphone
a man holding up a sign that says, don't be in your cloud
The Walking Dead matching 2
The walking dead matching icons pfp daryl dixon
a person is taking a picture with their cell phone in front of him and the screen has an image of a man on it
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a man in a suit pointing at something on the wall
a man with long hair and a pink bow on his head is staring at something