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Marvelous Cakers Presents....Comic Strip Cakers Marvel Comics is 80 Years this year and a group of cake artists who are also huge Marvel Fans decided to get together to pay tribute to their favourite characters from the Marvel's comicbooks which started in 1939 under the original name of Timely Comics. We hope that you enjoy our interpretation of our favourite characters in both cake and cookie forms.


Heidi Anderson - Rocket Raccoon

Adriana Rivera - Cyclops (Scott Summers)

Thors HammerMarvel FanCollaboration

Bex Mcdonald - Mjolnir Thors Hammer

Cathy Hill - Carnage

Marvel FanMarvel ComicsChicago Cubs LogoCollaborationPresents

Cheryl Gaulton - Captain America

Francesca Price- Groot

Geraldine Cheng - Hulkbuster

Marvel FanMarvel ComicsCollaboration

Jacqui Kelly - TonyStark/Iron Man

Marvel FanMarvel ComicsCollaboration

Hayley O'Beirnes - Ghost Rider

Helenmarie Looker - Thing (Ben Grimm)

Janine Sanderstead - James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes

Comic Strip Cakers. 464 likes. Marvelous Cakers Presents..... Comic Strip Cakers! A fan tribute celebrating 80 Years of Marvel Comics.

Jean Schapowal - Jocasta

Marvel FanMarvel ComicsCollaborationCharacter

Jenna Symons- Mystique

Julie Johnson-Gambit

Marvel FanMarvel ComicsCollaboration

Julie Rogerson - Hobgoblin

Marvel FanMarvel ComicsCollaborationDeadpool

Kathy Cooper- Deadpool (wade Wilson)