Imam Ali A.S

Wisdom is a tree which sprouts in the heart and fruits on the tongue. -Imam Ali (A.

Idea 9 - Teach them about the Imam through rhymes and nasheeds

Al Ajal O Master - English Nasheed - Abbas Bandali

Kerbala Model | Buzz Ideazz

Kerbala Model | Buzz Ideazz

Idea 1: Watch this short cartoon on his birth

Imam Mahdi (aj) Series – Idea Watch this short cartoon on his birth

Idea 7 - PART 3: Behind the Curtains

Demonstrate how Imam Mahdi (af) is behind a veil, using an empty box, different fabrics and a flameless candle

Idea 5: Show and Tell about his life

A wonderful idea implemented in our Madressa program today throughout the day was Show and Tell. The children brought in little bits and bobs about the Imam and shared them with the whole class.