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Positive Reinforcement Visual rewards - Behaviour Management

A powerful method of strengthening new skills and behaviours, The tokens are a way of “paying” children for completing tasks and then they can be used to trade for desired activities or items they choose.

Circle Time Tips for Preschool and Pre-K Teachers

Classroom Rules ~ Is also useful to use the summer before your child starts Pre-K or Kindergarten so they will become familiar with what will be expected in school :) I am doing this over the summer with my twins and also with my son who will be going into 1st grade to help keep the structure that he has learned at school during kindergarten

The beginning of the school year is a hectic time! But it is important to teach active listening skills to your students. The time taken to model and teach these listening skills will be rewarded with students who understand and can demonstrate active listening. It will make your teaching easier, and ensure more effective learning as well!