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Politics, Elections, and everything connected to them

Indian flag upside down at Modi-Abe meet. PM Narendra Modi vowed to turnaround India. Here is his 1st step National #tricolour upside down. #ModiinMalaysia

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People who shout #SansadChalneDo don't know difference between Executive & Legislature - India Civics lesson #1

Somedays I do surprise myself ;-) #luckyluke #narendramodi #bjp

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Q: Why did Modi buy Russian #Kamov ? A: He thought it was Russians pronouncing Kem Cho !

Overcoming the impact of #chennaifloods will be a challenge for the formidable TN Chief Minister

Anyone taking bets on Who will win #tamilnadu Assembly #election2016 ? Don't, as a former colleague warned me!

Bernie Sanders Democratic Party

Has PM #narendramodi been to your city?

#irony is when 1000 strong mob march in retort for 75 odd Indians returning their National Awards citing growing intolerance #awardwapasi vs #marchforIndia

Can the BJP win the Bihar Assembly Elections 2015. What are the chances of different parties in #Biharelections