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That's powerful. She's beautiful because she's a fighter, which is way more important than beauty on the outside.
untergewicht:  i am sorry for stealing the photo but i just have to have this on my blog. source;
L sent us a few images she found online which represented her experiences.
It's a horrible subject but this image captures it beautifully... for a pure-ocd sufferer, this means thinking and obsessing and trying to find resolution in your thougts... over and over and never coming to any kind of resolution. But you keep doing it anyway...
Bea utif .ully Accurate
608 points • 59 comments - Sometimes, life hurts for no reason - IWSMT has amazing images, videos and anectodes to waste your time on
What the fuck have I just witnessed... Protect him.
Never f*ck with the owl
WTF’s going on in these photos?
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