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Jhumki..Reflections of Love, Lust & Loneliness..

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You won’t find Jhumki anywhere, yet she lives within you and me. She represents the infinite intricacies in your mind. Each shade has its own unique character. Some shades, you love to acknowledge, while others you plainly ignore. Her blessed madness allows her to justify every act she ideates and executes. Her life is full of soulful bliss brimming with carnal selfishness. Join me on my journey and discover more about Jhumki.

Each time I met her, I couldn’t help spending a few moments admiring her beauty. Her personality always left me enchanted. Today was no different. Her simple pastel-shaded salwar kameez and neatly plaited hair lent oodles of élan to her persona. She recognised me and smiled, I gestured her to sit down. She sat at the edge of the chair as if in anticipation of something big that was about to happen.

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The quest of a psychiatrist into the mind of his patient...

I always feel alone...even in a you...?

....It wasn't my fault....I was lonely...very lonely

She was stunningly beautiful with large doe-shaped eyes that spoke volumes of innocence. Her dusky, smooth complexion made her look younger than twenty five. Her slim, well-endowed body was covered in a plain, well-fitting grey salwar kameez and her jet black hair was neatly tied into a bun. She looked like any regular ‘girl next door’.

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Jhumki represents every dark thought you choose to suppress. Can you recognise the real you?

“We don’t wear masks...we believe. Everyone wears one...we know.”