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Green Diamonds — REENA AHLUWALIA

Can you imagine how our world would look like without the color green? In the world of fancy coloured diamonds, a green diamond may be the most mysterious and intriguing. Find out here!

12.76-Carat Pink Diamond Unearthed In Australia Could Be Worth Millions

The diamond will be cut, polished, sent on a worldwide tour and then sold later this year.

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The Largest Diamond Ever Discovered in North America | Gems & Gemology

GIA examines a 552.7 ct diamond from the Diavik mine in Canada.

Diamond in Kimberlite - TUC18-66 - Udachnaya pipe - Russia Mineral Specimen

Diamond in Kimberlite, Udachnaya pipe, Daldyn, Sakha Republic, Eastern-Siberian Region, Russia, miniature, 3.4 x 2.6 x 2 cm, This rare matrix diamond specimen features a superb gem quality and SHARP diamond crystal in matrix from Russia., For sale from The Arkenstone, www.iRocks.com. For more details on this piece and others, visit https://www.irocks.com/minerals/specimen/47157

The 709-carat Peace Diamond sells for $6.5 million

The sale of the historic Peace Diamond to Graff Diamonds will improve lives in one of the world's poorest countries.

Where to find diamonds, How to identify rough diamonds and how to recover raw diamond crystals

If you want to learn how and where to find diamonds, watch this video. Learn to recognize rough diamond crystals and tell real diamonds from other stuff you ...

Beautiful Diamond Recently Mined Natural, Museum Quality Diamond

Diamond are for a LifeTime! A rarity in the rough diamond trade. This unusual octahedron shaped diamond is ready to set in a jewelry of your choice without any further polish. The extra brilliance and top notch clarity is a perfect showstopper. Weight : 0.93 Carat. Color : I Clarity: VVS2 (very very small inclusions) 10X Magnification. Shape : Octahedron Store Reference: QD1543 High clarity, high value and mine fresh fancy diamond is handpicked to ensure smoothest surfaces and fine…

Petra Recovers 425ct. Diamond – Hubert Jewelry – Fine Diamonds and Gemstones

Jewelry, Diamonds and Gemstones News

Kimberlite Uncut Natural Rough Diamonds Diamond Matrix

Diamond in its original kimberlite matrix from Russia. This diamond is 100% natural and has not been glued or worked on in any way. All our diamonds comply with UN Kimberley regulations. The diamond is an estimated 2-3 carat white octahedral diamond with many small trigons showing.

232-Carat White Diamond Found at Cullinan Mine in South Africa

Diamond miners in South Africa have uncovered a 232.08-carat white diamond that is expected to fetch between $10 million and $16 million.

Faceting Design Diagram: "R" Crossed - Sapphire / Corundum - Ruby, Ceylon, Padparadschah, Pink, Yellow, Green - International Gem Society

Detailed information and guide for Faceting Design Diagrams. This facet design is called a " "R" Crossed ". This works well in man-made material.

Rough uncut diamond octahedron - one in a million natural gem D/E IF 1.13 carat

The Pentafan Gemstone Design - International Gem Society

The Pentafan is a unique cut designed for larger gems with deep color saturation. Learn how to cut this design that can make dark stones shine.

The Cutting Truth: Follow a 65+ Carat Diamond From Rough to Polished

In October 2016, Dominion found something unexpected at Ekati, the diamond mine it owns in Canada’s Northwest Territories: a 65.93 ct. piece of bright, sparkling yellow rough. It was a big stone. It had a strong yellow color. It would no doubt make an impressive polished stone. The trick was turning it into one. The…