Safe and healthy children

Some posters and guidelines for parents and teachers on how to inculcated and develop good safety and healthy habits in our children.
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This picture is a very good visual reminder for children what to eat in how much quantity. Putting this in kindergarten classroom where children have their snack/ lunch is a good idea. Even it is a good idea for parents to have the same in the kitchen i.e. on the fridge to remind children. Both the parents and teachers can discuss with children and ask them to check their meals everyday accordingly to develop healthy eating habit.

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This is a scissor safety display posters. when children are using scissors for the first time especially in kindergarten they should be taught how to use them safely. If not careful, accidents related to scissors can be grave. Thus, from beginning children can be taught the correct ways of using it. The same poster can also be created as flash cards and children can discuss those flash cards with peers and teachers.

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A chart on daily food plan. This chart can be used by parents , teachers and children together to plan daily meals with keeping in mind importance of having balanced healthy meals in everyday life.

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This is a useful poster to be kept near wash basin where children (and sometimes adults too) can be reminded about washing hands properly. I chose this poster as it is a known fact that many diseases can be prevented by at least having this one hygienic habit.

Summer safety poster is a useful tool not only for summer but through out the year. There are simple safety rules like wearing helmet when riding a bicycle illustrated. I like this poster as it talks about the small things we can do vigilantly to make sure utmost of safety of our children.

This is a good image that can be used to find out how much children are aware of safety rules. I'd suggest to use this picture for circle time discussions or small group activity where children in groups can play the game "what's wrong with this picture?" and indirectly be more aware of the safety rules on the road.

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