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PinTutorials: How to Grow your hair about 10 centimeters in 1 month!!

To get long, thick, super soft hair: massage organic coconut oil in your hair times a week (leave in mins) wash out with shampoo. Do this until hair is growing and healthy (no split-ends) and reduce to times a month. Works amazingly --im about this life

~ Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Healthier ~   Coconut milk helps the hair grow long and thick, (The kind from a can is fine.) Rub it onto the scalp, leave it on for an hour or so, then wash it out. Use this treatment once a week for dry damaged hair or once every 3 - 4 weeks for normal hair.

Help Your Hair Grow Faster and Healthier:: Coconut Milk helps the hair grow long and thick (from a can is fine). Rub it on the scalp, leave it an hour or so, then wash out. Use once-a-week for dry/damaged hair or every weeks for normal hair.

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Yesterday's BEAT Phillips-Barton Mahaffey Collins Cosmetics pro palette on the eyes "Judy" lashes. "empress blush" Domagala Raine "penthouse sweet" lipstick with "scandal" lip gloss.